Why Us?

Accuracy of Counters of both side :

We maintain counter depths of camshaft with in 0.1 mm so that linear dimensions are least affected when it is held bet. centre.
We have introduced counter depth gauges with 0.01 mm least count dial for controlling this parameter. Taper grinding of journal at front end is also controlled for ‘cone length’ because of counter depth consistency.

Form of Grooves and Radii :

For generating small Radii and grooves we use form tool at CNC Turning stage, to ensure correct form.

Sharp Data for angles :

We do rough grinding of diameters before heat treatment and keyway cutting to ensure runout of job below 0.02 at these stages. Because resting diameters are ground our keyway parameters are generated in close tolerance.
For dowel hole drilling on face we hold job between centre or in ‘V’ block fixture so the parameters of dowel hole are directly related to axis of job.

Minimum Allowance at H.T.Stage :

Since we are doing cam rough grinding we keep very less allowance (Normally 0.25/0.35 on ) on cams and diameters at roughing stage so after heat treatment material removal is very less and it is removed, evenly from all sides.

Base circle runout of cams :

Because we develop our own master cams, we can maintain cam base circle runout below 0.02 consistently.

Consistency of relative angles :

Our Master are made up of one single piece (Not by joining wafers of cam in a keyway) so angular relationship of cams once generated is very very consistent.

Tolerance on angles :

We can maintain relative angular position of cams within  0 10’. Because our master cam is made from solid block and not by adding lobes on shaft.

Master Cam Development :

We develop master cam on same machine on which we produce camshaft. So number of inaccuracies which creep in because of machine parameters are totally eliminated.